MISSION STATEMENT - " Vision, Mission and Values"


Vision, Mission and ValuesVision

To develop a professional, effective and efficient Immigration service for facilitating legitimate travelers, while ensuring national security.


To enforce Indian laws with integrity and strive to achieve the highest standards in the duties we perform, the professionalism we display and the service we render with the overall objective of facilitating legitimate travelers without compromising national security.


Our core values are the guiding beacons for all that we do and provide us the benchmark for assessing our performance.

  • Integrity: To maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism through uniform application of law and policies.

  • Courtesy: To treat each member of the public with respect, courtesy and compassion.

  • Dynamism: To respond positively to the ever-changing socio-politico-economic environment and to realign strategies to meet new challenges.

  • Excellence: To continuosly strive for excellence in whatever we do and seek to create benchmark for Immigration services worldwide.

  • Innovation: To encourage new ideas, methods, processes and practices.

  • Collaboration: To work together with other stakeholders to achieve common goals.