APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System)

Gazette Notification dated 24.01.2008 amending the Foreigners Order, 1948 regarding implementation of APIS from 01.04.2008 has been issued.

As per the Gazette Notification, country representative or station manager of an airline, landing in India, shall provide the information in prescribed format about the passengers on board and crew, in electronic form, within 15 minutes of taking off of the aircraft from the port of embarkation outside India, to the immigration authorities at the ports of landing in India.

Accordingly, Airline Operators have to furnish the APIS information, in the prescribed format, in a flat file at the destination airports to the immigration authorities from 01.04.2008.

It may be noted that non-compliance with the APIS Gazette Notification would attract the provisions of Section 14 of the Foreigners Act, 1946. Queries/clarifications on the technical aspects of APIS implementation may be addressed to apisindia[at]nic[dot]in and on the administrative aspects, they may be addressed to frrodli[at]nic[at]in.

Important PDFs regarding APIS :-

1. Legislation dated 24.01.2008
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2. APIS Guidelines to the Carriers
 (155 KB)Pdf
3. FAQs
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4. Time Limit for compliance with APIS(11 KB)Pdf 
5. Stabilization of APIS Data
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