Coronavirus related visa restrictions and conditions for entry into India

(i)    All Visas issued to Chinese passport holders from mainland China (except for those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)including Regular (sticker) as well as e-Visa issued prior to Feb 05, 2020,coming from anywhere in the world, have been suspended and are not valid for travel to India presently.

(ii)    No Chinese national as well as other foreigner presently in China are allowed to travel to India on existing Regular (sticker) visa or e-Visa, which was issued on or before Feb 05, 2020.  In case of compelling reasons to travel to India, such persons may get in touch with Embassy in Beijing or Consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou for new Visa.Thus, visas issued to Chinese nationals on or after February 06, shall be valid for travel to India.

(iii)    Arrival of any passenger (except Indian nationals) from China into India is presently suspended unless such foreigner has acquired a fresh Visa from Indian Mission/ Consulate in China on or after Feb 06, 2020. Such Chinese or other foreign national need to contact Embassy in Beijing or Consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou or the concerned Indian Mission where they presently reside for new Visa if they have compelling reasons to travel to India.

(iv)    Foreigners who have been to China on or after Jan 15, 2020, are presently not allowed to enter India from any Air, Land or seaport including Indo-Nepal, Indo-Bhutan, Indo-Bangladesh, Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Pak land borders.

(v)    These visa restrictions will not apply to Aircrew who may be Chinese nationals or other foreign nationals coming from China.
(vi)    The restriction on travel is not applicable to the Chinese passport holders of HongKong, Macau and Taiwan.

    In exception to the categories of travellers mentioned above; the below mentioned categories of Chinese Nationals are allowed to enter India:-

i.    Chinese Nationals holding Diplomatic, Service Passport.

ii.    Chinese Nationals working in United Nations (UN) bodies and other international bodies.

iii.    Chinese Nationals who are OCI card holders.

iv.    These restrictions do not apply to Transit passengers from other countries who only transit through Airports in China.

•    The above mentioned exempted categories of Chinese nationals will not need to apply for Fresh Visa. Their existing visas would remain valid. However, all such Chinese nationals will be subjected to medical screening and may have to undergo quarantine on arrival in India, if they display any symptoms of Coronavirus.