General Information/Instruction

 Immigration check is conducted for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure.

The passports are duly stamped at time of arrival as well as departure. Passengers should be careful to see that their passports are duly stamped before leaving the immigration counter. Foreigners arriving in India are required to fill Arrival Cards only while Indians have to fill Departure Cards at the time of Departure.

The following information is required to be provided by the passengers in these cards:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Address in India
  • Flight Number, Date of Arrival / Date of Boarding
If inadvertently, an immigration stamp is not affixed by the counter officer at the immigration check-post, the passenger may immediately contact the concerned FRRO/FRO/SSP and get the same affixed on his/her passport to avoid inconvenience at the time of next travel abroad.