Requirements during Stay In India

Foreigners are required to comply with the purpose for which a visa was initially applied, and also to abide by conditions endorsed on the visa.

If the visa is valid for more than 180 days and the foreigner intends to stay in India continuously for more than 180 days, then every such foreigner entering India or resident in India shall present in person or along with an authorized representative to the satisfaction of the appropriate Registration Officer at the place of his stay within the specified period mentioned on visa except certain visa categories requiring registration within the specified time. Such registration shall not be necessary in the case of a foreigner entering India on a visa valid for a period of not more than 180 days and who does not remain in India beyond the said period, unless, specific endorsement/observation is made on the visa by the Indian Mission.

For further information on registration requirement & visa, search for specific category of visa concerned page on this website.

At the time of Registration every foreigner shall furnish accurate information, to the satisfaction of the Registration Officer and shall, sign the Registration Report, in the presence of the said officer. The foreigner shall also be provided a copy of Certificate of Registration (Part III of Form A). Foreigners may go through the instructions given on Registration Certificates for their guidance concerning stay and future reporting.

Every foreigner shall within twenty hours of the demand being made by a Registration Officer, magistrate or police officer, not below the rank of a head constable, produce, at such place as may be specified in his passport or such other proof of his identity and/or Registration Certificate as may be required for any purpose connected with the enforcement of Foreigners Act/ Registration of Foreigners Rules.