Restricted / Protected Area

The Protected Areas are as follows:
  1. Parts of State of Manipur
  2. Parts of State of Mizoram
  3. Parts of State of Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Whole of State of Nagaland
  5. Whole of State of Sikkim
  6. Parts of State of Uttaranchal.
  7. Parts of State of Jammu and Kashmir .
  8. Parts of State of Rajasthan.
  9. Parts of State of Himachal Pradesh.

The Restricted Areas are as follows: -
  1. Whole of Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  2. Part of the state of Sikkim

Generally speaking when a foreigner is in India then Power to issue permit to foreigners for visiting R/P areas vests with the Ministry of Home Affairs (ADDRESS: Ministry Of Home Affairs, Foreigners Division, NDCC-II Building 1st Floor, Jai Singh Road, Near NDMC Palika Kendra, New Delhi-110001).

However, FRROs have been delegated powers in respect of some specified areas for a specified period and in some specific conditions.
For a group of foreigners i.e. 2 or more for "Tourism" purpose only.
However, the Ministry of Home Affairs can issue such permit to an individual.
FRROs can issue these permits (for certain areas) only for groups of 2 or more foreigners.The foreign tourist should be accompanied with a recognized travel agent who would act as an escort.A fee of Rs. 1395/- is levied on issuance of Restricted/Protected Area Permit.